Our History :

1973 Creation of the company under the name SEPN SA
Product Activity concretes the sanitation market

1984 Redemption of the company by FINKA HOLDING. The company becomes KA FRANCE
Development of plastics processing activity to the detriment of concrete activity.

1990 Creation of a super holding SOFIKA SARL

1993 KA France redeemed the company « The modern Rotomolding » specialising in canoes and kayaks and based in Beauville.
KA France and its subsidary company ROTOMOD regroup on the site of Bon encontre

2001 Creation of a super holding NEOFINKA SC

2003 KA France absorbs by fusion its subsidary company ROTOMOD and preserves the commercial name.

2007 Financial participation in the company DAG (rotomolding company based in the 07).
The companies ROTOMOD et DAG become companies « sisters »

2012 Fusion by absorption of the company DAG by ROTOMOD.

2013 Launching of a new range of rotomolded furniture « My Croisette »

2016 Vincent Mas becomes the new president of ROTOMOD, replacing Jean-Pierre Veyssiere.

Our production :

We have two producton units located in France of 36 000 m² of which 10 000 m² covers.

The first site, also headquarters, is located in Bon Encontre in Lot and Garonne.

The second site is located in Ardèche, in St Jean the Centenier.

These two sites welcome our 68 contributors.

Our Equipments :

Bon Encontre production unit

1 rotomolding furnace carousel 3 arms of 3.00 mm CACCIA (Italy)

1 HVS rotomolding furnace 27 of 7.00 m x 2.40 m STP (Canada)

1 rotary reciprocating rotomolding furnace 2 arms of 4.30 m x 3.00 m SAT (France)

1 rotomolding furnace carousel 3 fixed arms of 2.30 m SAT

1 oscillating rotomolding furnace of 6.00 m x 1.60 m SAT

1 rotomolding machine with direct flame of 6.00 m x 1.50 m

Production unit of St Jean le Centenier

1 rotomolding furnace of 7,000 m x 1,50 m STP (Canada)

1 rotomolding machine with direct flame of 6.00 m x 1.50 m